yeah that’s because moonface is just spencer alone so he does all the music on his own, but heartbreaking bravery was made with siinai so i guess they added that bit of extra richness
thats actually why i prefer spencer’s band projects over his solo stuff hahahah

anyway if you liked heartbreaking bravery here’s some stuff you might also like!

first off: ~SUNSET RUBDOWN~
the staple of any spencer krug recommendation list and tbh my favorite project of his! their lyrics are mostly sort of fantasy and myth based and just so so so beautiful ghhh

he’s on vocals and guitar/keyboard (depends on song) and there are also female back vocals by¬†Camilla Wynne Ingr which is pretty great in a lot of songs (the band has unfortunately been disbanded ever since boohoo)

top songs to listen to:

and the top album is DEFINITELY random spirit lover

NEXT UP: ~wolf parade~ ANOTHER OF SPENCER’S DEAD FUCKING PROJECTS. this guy fucking loves abandoning projects, it’s in his blood. this band is a little less dreamy and a little more punk rock than the others, but still has the whole whiny indie boy shtick at heart

also sometimes spencer isn’t the vocalist here but dan boeckner is and his voice might be a little hard to get used to but the songs are still pretty damn dope


ALBUM OF CHOICE: a hard toss-up between Expo 86 and At Mount Zoomer

and the last band of recommendation: SWAN LAKE! (also fucking dead. FUCK SPENCER KRUG BTW. fuck you man. why you gotta do this)

this is a canadian indie ~supergroup~ basically you got a lotta pretentious fucks from indie groups together and spencer is playing/writing for it and is a vocalist on a few songs

they only got two albums but tbh the album Enemy Mine is the only one worth any salt (vocals by dan bejar but the song is fucking magical)

(basically the entire album is good)

oh also the album organ music not vibraphone like i hoped by moonface is also pretty good, if hard to get into

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS: just my spencer krug tags. for photo purposes.

if you’re interested in anything else just ask me i’d be happy to give you more recommendations bc hes basically my favorite artist ever and im always happy to convert ppl TO THE CHURCH OF KRUG all the time hahahah